Sinful Grace

Sinful Grace


Nothing like your touch,

that sweet obsessive snail

crawling through my loins.


Cuddle in me,

look right into my soul

with that burning glance of yours.


Or else, with dark eyes

full of wonder

crowned with thick

forests on your brow.


Wide is your chest,

a woodland mountain

to be climbed

and conquered.


Oh, when my thirst

reaches your cup,

-sweet navel-

and down your thighs,

firm columns holding

a magnificent mast,

I shall become a Python

ready to gobble

the entireness of you

right into my deepest bottom.


Is it a paradise lost

that we’ll find

when finally you lift me up

into heavenly heaven.

(The most welcome invasion

of yourself into myself).


Always in the want of more

my thought rehearses the steps

front wise backwards

upside down.


There’s no way we can be bailed out.

Surely we shall all be bound

to hell after being hanged

and purified by fire,

our ashes thrown into the ocean black,

and we shall perish in the sea red

if we’re lucky.


Yet someone else

will be reediting

this ceaseless story

over and over again

till the end of time.


No penance may do wrong

to this enduring ancient rite

proclaimed by nature’s wisdom

condemned by narrow minds.


Let us step into the flame of life.

Let us not surrender

to the evil power

of the tenth commandment.

God must have never written

some of those nasty regulations.


Let us all indulge

inside the ocean deepest blue

alive, dressed in a silky shroud of guilt,

and damned, yet blessed

with sinful grace.



Zulai Marcela Fuentes

© Copyright, 1998


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roberto Mendoza Ayala
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 20:29:51

    ¡Hola, Zulai! Me da gusto saber que estás bien. Encontré tu blog buscando información desperdigada de Nautilium, ¡jajajá! ¡Vaya época! ¡Y qué bien lo narras todo! Yo también lo volvería a hacer, sin duda.

    Un abrazo,



    • zulaimarcela
      Aug 17, 2013 @ 00:32:19

      Un saludo. Lo de Nautilium es un pretexto para hablar del asunto editorial, nada más. No recuerdo bien qué dice el artículo, pero lo de Nautilium, yo no lo volvería a hacer…Saludos, Marcela


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